19 JANUARY 2004
Athens International Airport Press Announcement

Further to untrue allegations that appeared recently in some newspaper reports regarding Athens International Airport's wastewater system, we would like to clarify the following:

With reference to Athens Intentional Airport's wastewater treatment and surface water systems:

  • Athens International Airport has two separate collection systems
  • The airport company conducts hazardous waste management in accordance to specific terms of Ratifying Law 2338/1995, which is directly applicable to the operation of the airport. All waste is either recycled or transported to an authorized receptor facility for disposal.
  • The Health Check Station (Aερουγειονομείο), Division of Health-welfare, General Regional Directorate, Attica Region recently (18/7/2003) conducted a site audits of specific on-site surface water locations and concluded that were was no evidence of a source of unhealthy conditions.
  • Surface water from the airport is treated at the oil/water separators, is collected in the ponding areas and from there discharged to the outside natural receptors.
  • Water quality is monitored by Athens International Airport on a regular basis using an independent laboratory. A study conducted by an independent consulting firm, concluded that there is no impact to the surrounding area as a result of surface water discharged from the airport site.

Surface Water Drainage Works and Anti-Flooding Protection Measures:

  • Surface Water Drainage works at Athens International Airport " Eleftherios Venizelos" were studied and constructed in accordance to the Airport Development Agreement (ADA), as ratified by Law 2338/1995 (Government Gazette Bulletin Α' 202/14.9.1995), which is directly applicable to the operation of the airport.

Since 1996, Athens International Airport has an Environmental department, which consists of 13 scientists and administrative personnel, who continually monitor the environment. Furthermore AIA is the first Greek airport with the environmental department certified according to the international standard EN ISO 14001.

, one for wastewater (sewage) and the second for surface (rain) water.
Athens International Airport is one of the few airports worldwide to have its own sewage treatment plants (STP). The STPs treat all wastewater produced across the airport facility. After undergoing treatment in the airports main STP, the wastewater is used for irrigation of non-public green areas within the airport premises.