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Page 4 - Ath Airport Profile
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Message from the CEO Corporate Action Plan and achieved or exceeded several 5-year
targets set in 2008, such as the planting of 50,000 m2 within the
With great pleasure I present to you the 15th edition of the airport fence and increasing the recycling of waste produced at
informative publication of our Environmental Services Department the airport to 50%, ultimately reaching a recycling rate of 53%.
«Care for the Environment», which summarizes the actions of Additionally,AIA’s 8.05 MWp Photovoltaic Park exceeded the
our Company in 2012 to manage all environmental challenges expected level of energy production during its first full year of
responsibly and effectively. operation.

Despite the on-going economic crisis, which is affecting many It is also worth noting our on-going initiatives with local
European countries, in particular Greece, that has negatively communities in the framework of our Local Communities
impacted passenger traffic as well as aircraft movements,Athens Corporate Action Plan, which in 2012 focused mainly on the
International Airport (AIA) remains focused on its commitment sensitive areas of education and social aid. At the same time,
to prevent and/or minimize environmental impacts from the our recycling program involving students from local schools was
operation of the airport. expanded and now includes 27 schools.

All environmental aspects related to airport operations are AIA will continue to act as a responsible organization, investigating,
monitored systematically,while dedicated programs aim to improve recording and where necessary intervening to protect the
environmental conditions.This approach highlights our recognition environment and to improve living conditions within the airport
of the importance we assign to protecting the environment and led and the surrounding community.Within this context, AIA will
to the recertification of our Environmental Services Department in continue to inform both relevant authorities and the public for all
accordance with the international environmental standard EN ISO environmental initiatives undertaken.
14001:2004 + Cor 1:2009 in December 2012.
Thus, I welcome you to the 2012 issue “Care for the Environment”.
Within the context of our preventive and corrective actions of the
past year, the Aircraft Noise Study was completed in cooperation
with the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
(ΥPEKA), the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) and a
specialized team of university scientists. Concurrently, and for
the 5th consecutive year, we implemented our Climate Change

DrYiannis N. Paraschis

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