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Page 4 - Care for the Environment
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Message from the CEO

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the 16 edition
of the informative publication of our Environmental Services
Department «Care for the Environment», which summarizes the
actions of our Company in 2013 to responsibly and effectively
manage all environmental challenges. Οur 2013 Local Communities Corporate Action Plan remained
focused mainly on the sensitive areas of education and social aid
Athens International Airport (AIA) remains focused on its while also supporting activities promoting culture, athletics and
commitment to prevent and/or minimize environmental impacts environmental protection in the local communities that neighbor
from the operation of the airport. Despite economic pressures, AIA with the airport.
continues to seek and deliver environmental management systems
that go well beyond regulatory requirements. In recognition of the AIA remains committed to informing both relevant authorities and
importance we give to protecting the environment and adopting the general public regarding its environmental performance and
innovative initiatives, AIA received the 2013 “Eco-Innovation Award” future plans.
from Airports Council International – Europe, further enriching its
“green” credentials. Thus, I welcome you to the 2013 issue of “Care for the
All environmental aspects related to airport operations are
monitored systematically, while dedicated programs aim to improve
environmental performance with active participation of the airport
community. Dr Yiannis N. Paraschis

Five projects were completed in 2013 in the context of our Climate
Change Corporate Action Plan, while other emission reduction
initiatives will continue in 2014.

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