Honourary Event on the work of the Sculptor George Zongolopoulos
01/06/2008 - 31/01/2009
Departures Level

Sculptures and photographic material of George Zongolopoulos’ work will decorate interior and exterior areas of Athens International Airport. Five original sculptures at the Departures Level and a photographic exhibition displayed at the Arrivals Level of MTB will give the opportunity to all airport visitors for the next 6 months to become acquainted with the work of the great artist, who left his mark in his country as well as in the European art. At the exterior area of the Departures Level the bronze cast and stainless sculptures “Con – Ten” and “Olympic Circles” will welcome the passengers while inside the Main Terminal Building the stainless artwork “Poseidon” and a small-scaled bronze cast of the gigantic “Zalongo” will be exhibited. Furthermore, at a central point within MTB the airport’s passengers and visitors will admire one of the most characteristic works of G. Zongolopoulos titled “Umbrellas”.