In this section you may view Athens International Airport`s awards & distinctions:
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Athens International Airport wins Air Transport Research Society’s Top Efficiency Excellence Award According to the ATRS Global Annual Benchmarking Report
July 2014

One more significant distinction for the Athens International Airport: The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) awarded AIA with the Top Efficiency Excellent Award in its respective category, further to releasing the results of its annual benchmarking study assessing the productivity and efficiency of nearly 200 commercial airports worldwide.

ACI - Europe «Best Airport Awards 2014» winner: Athens International Airport
June 2014

Athens International Airport is the winner in the 10-25 million passenger category in this year’s 10th “Best Airport Awards”, in the framework of the ACI-Europe Annual Congress in Frankfurt.

Greece’s main gateway, Athens International Airport, was honoured with this significant distinction, due to AIA’s “high economic performance in a very challenging context, its excellent work in redeveloping its traffic base while keeping a strong focus on the quality of service”, according to the panel of independent judges.

Routes Europe 2014: Airlines honour Athens International Airport with one more international distinction
April 2014

Europe’s biggest airline and airport networking route development forum “Routes Europe 2014” (Marseille, 6-8 April), was concluded with one more distinction for the Athens International Airport, in the 4-20 m. passengers category, in recognition of the continuous, dynamic support it offers to its airline partners in their developmental efforts.

Athens International Airport (AIA) is the most awarded airport at Routes, where airlines evaluate the airports’ support programmes, rewarding the ones that address most efficiently airlines’ efforts to develop new routes or sustain existing ones.

STEVIE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARDS: AIA receives one more international distinction for the third consecutive year
August 2013

Athens International Airport (AIA) was honoured with a new distinction, for the third consecutive year, at the 10th “Stevie - International Business Awards”.

AIA received the bronze award in the category “Company of the Year-Transportation”, among over 100 companies and organisations of the aviation sector.

The “Stevie - International Business Awards” institution aims at honouring and communicating the achievements and contribution of entreprises, organisations and entrepreneurs, to the international business community, the general public and the media.

In 2013, entreprises from more than 50 countries participated in the “Stevie - International Business Awards”. The awards were presented in a special event in Barcelona, on October 14th.

Routes Europe 2013: Athens International Airport Winner of Routes Airport Marketing Award
May 2013

“Routes Europe 2013”, Europe’s biggest airline and airport networking route development forum, was concluded with one more award for the Athens International Airport, its 12th in 9 years. During the 8th Routes Europe Forum, which was held in Budapest (May 12-14) with the participation of more than 1,000 aviation professionals, Athens International Airport was the award Winner in the 4 - 20 m. passengers category in recognition of its creativity and continuous dynamic support to its airline partners, especially in light of the extremely adverse conditions that the Greek economy is facing. Having received the airlines’ recognition for 9 consecutive years, Athens International Airport (AIA) is the most awarded airport for its airport marketing performance.

Routes Europe 2012: Airlines honour Athens International Airport with one more airport marketing distinction
May 2012

Routes Europe 2012, the biggest gathering of airports and airlines, were concluded with another distinction for the Athens International Airport, its eleventh in 8 years: specifically, during the 7th Routes Europe Conference, which, this year, was held in Tallinn – Estonia (May 20-22) with the participation of 1,000 aviation professionals, AIA was highly commended in the“Mediterranean and Southern Europe” category, in recognition of its continuous, dynamic and creative support to the airlines’ developmental efforts, especially during the extremely adverse conditions that the Greek economy is facing at the moment. It is noteworthy that, with 11 top distinctions, AIA is the most awarded airport and the only one that has been awarded continuously for 8 years in the context of the Routes Conferences.

Routes Europe: Airlines honour AIA with one more distinction
May 2011

AIA received one more distinction from its airline partners, for continuously supporting their development through its marketing programmes and developmental incentives: in the framework of the 6th Routes Europe forum held in Cagliari / Italy, with the participation of 700 aviation professionals, Athens International Airport was highly commended in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe category, in recognition of “the attitude of the airport’s marketing team, which worked hard to develop the facility through creative route development activities, during a difficult year due to the economic problems in Greece”.

Institute of Transport Management: "European Airport of the Year 2011"
May 2011

In its airport assessment in the highly challenging environment of the air-transport sector, the Institute of Transport Management named Athens International Airport the title of “European Airport of the Year 2011” acknowledging AIA’s high quality customer services and superior design, its awarded marketing programmes, strong -entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, even amid the present difficult times for the Greek economy.

"Leader in Aviation Awards 2010 Doha Aviation Summit"
October 2010

On October 30th in Doha, aviation leaders awarded Athens International Airport (AIA) with the “Airport of the Year 2010” distinction, in recognition of the high quality of services offered to airport passengers and visitors, combined with a strong and competitive business model.

World Route Development Forum 2010
September 2010

This year’s World ROUTES, the biggest gathering of airports and airlines (19-21 September 2010, Vancouver) were concluded with another top distinction for Athens International Airport, its seventh award in six years. Airlines from across the globe voted AIA as the 2nd best airport in airline marketing in the European category, for supporting consistently and dynamically their development efforts and programmes.

Athens International Airport wins Routes Airport Marketing Award
May 2010

Athens International Airport won its 6th Routes award for the financial support and innovative airport marketing programmes offered to airlines. During the «ROUTES Europe» conference that took place in Toulouse during May 9-11, Athens International Airport (AIA) was awarded as the winner in the “Mediterranean-Southern Europe” category.

15th World Route Development Forum
September 2009

Airlines honour AIA with first place in Europe
Athens International Airport (AIA) is once again the winner of the Routes Airport Marketing Awards* in the Europe category. AIA was awarded in the framework of World ROUTES 2009, the biggest gathering of airports and airlines, held in Beijing, from September 12-15. This time airlines from across the globe distinguished AIA for supporting their route development consistently and dynamically, through the airport’s wide-scale innovative marketing programmes**. During tough economic times, this new distinction has a special significance for Athens International Airport: In 2009, AIA was the only European airport with increased number of frequencies, with its airline marketing programmes having so far brought 12 new airlines to Athens in 2009 and 8 new international destinations.

OAG - Routes Airport Marketing Awards Europe 2009
May 2009

For a 5th consecutive year, Europe’s airlines awarded Athens International Airport for supporting their route development consistently and dynamically, through the airport’s wide-scale innovative marketing programmes. The best airport marketing award was presented in the framework of the “ROUTES Europe” airline development forum, where AIA also won 1st place in the geographical region "Southern Europe - Mediterranean".

OAG-Routes Airport Marketing Award for the 4th consecutive year
October 2008

For the fourth consecutive year, Athens International Airport (AIA) won the OAG-Routes Airport Marketing Award for consistently and dynamically supporting airlines’ route development through the airport’s wide-scale, innovative marketing programmes*. AIA received the “OAG-Routes Airport Marketing Award” in the framework of the 14th World Route Development Forum, “ROUTES” (Kuala Lumpur October 12th-14th), this year sharing the 1st place with Brussels Airport, which also excelled for its airport marketing initiatives.

AIA OAG Airport Marketing Award Winner 2007
October 2007

For the third consecutive year, Athens International Airport’s airline-partners rewarded the airport with the 1st OAG Airport Marketing Award 2007 at the 13th World Route Development Forum – "ROUTES 2007" in Stockholm. Praised for "maintaining its Olympic sparkle,"  AIA was awarded for its airline developmental programme resulting in 2007 to attract 12 new airlines, and add 11 new destinations, to America, Asia and Europe.

Winner of OAG Airport Marketing Award for the best airline development programme
October 2006

Thanks to the support of the airlines, its major partners, AIA came out top of the list at "Routes", the annual airline-airport summit meeting. It received the OAG Airport Marketing Award for its airline development programme in the 10-25 million passenger bracket.

ATRS Business Efficiency Excellence Runner-up Award
May 2006

AIA was ranked second by the Air Transport Society (ATRS) following the 10th ATRS Conference in Nagoya, Japan.

Winner of the OAG Airport Marketing Awards
October 2005

The Airlines awarded Athens International Airport top marks for its support in route development.
During the annual airport marketing awards ceremony (“OAG Airport Marketing Awards 2005”), attended by 1,700 delegates and 300 airlines from all over the world, the airport was acclaimed by the international aviation community as the top-ranking airport worldwide in its category (10 - 25 million passengers) for its airline support programme and contribution to route development.

"European Airport of the Year 2004"
December 2003

The successful implementation of its innovative business scheme earned AIA the title of the “European Airport of the Year 2004”, granted annually by the British Institute of Transport Management (ITM).

June 2003

In recognition of its contribution to the aviation industry and airline support, AIA received the 2003 Eagle Award of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Airport Marketing Award for airline route development support
September 2002

During the proceedings of the 8th World Route Development Forum “Routes, Athens 2002”, the airlines declared AIA the best airport in the world (in the 5 - 15 million passenger range) for its effectiveness in strategic marketing schemes for the development of new routes. In addition, the Athens airport marketing team was granted a special merit award for its efficiency in coping with the major challenges confronting the airport since its opening in March 2001.

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