20th Airline Marketing Workshop

20th Airline Marketing Workshop

The magic spell of change

Athens Market Overview

The AIA Marketing Team

Greek diaspora relations with the homeland; the travelling dynamics in the post 2010 era

Dr. Manolis Pratsinakis, Onassis/Seesox Fellow, University of Oxford, Mrs. Katerina Zalavra, Head Corporate Information & Market Intelligence, AIA and Mrs. Maripola Kotsi, Supervisor, Market Research, AIA

When the only constant is change: disruption and resilience in air transport

Mr. Andrew Matters, IATA Deputy Chief Economist

Delay and disruption management through Passenger-Centric ATM

Mr. Gianmaria Giaconia, Chief Commercial Officer, Innov-ATM

A tool for safety incident analysis in aviation

Mr. Michail Filippou, Mr. Nikiforos Katakis, Mr. Dimitrios Xenias, Mr. Vasileios Xiros, JBM

My Layover

Mr. Konstantinos Diamantopoulos, My Layover

Enorasys, Innovative Solutions for Safer Flights and Airports

Dr. Stavros Tsantzalis, Meton Innovatence

Megashifts and paradigm changes: navigating the next 10 years

Mr. Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Humanist, Author of 'Technology vs. Humanity', CEO The Futures Agency