Arriving passengers

Regardless of flight origin, passengers from all incoming flights exit from the Arrivals Level of the Main Terminal Building.

After leaving the aircraft

Upon entering the terminal, follow the airport signs for “Arrivals,” go through Passport Control (for non-Schengen arrivals), pick up your baggage and after customs clearance, exit from the Arrivals / All Users Area.

Make sure that you have collected the right luggage by checking your baggage claim tags. After exiting the Baggage Reclaim Area, re-entrance is not permitted.

Baggage Delivery / Lost & Found

Airlines and their respective ground handling agents are responsible for baggage handling and delivery at Athens International Airport. For further assistance, please contact the appropriate airline/ground handler.

For items forgotten on the aircraft, please contact your airline directly.

  Important Notification:

  Please be informed that due to construction works, the outer curbside area of the Arrivals level
  used for drop on / drop off, is temporarily closed. Please use the short term parking lots
  (located at the Arrivals Level across the Main Terminal building)
  free of charge for up to 20 minutes.