Athens International Airport - “The Digital Gate”: The Athens International Airport awards Greek innovation and entrepreneurship
03 DECEMBER 2015
“The Digital Gate”: The Athens International Airport awards Greek innovation and entrepreneurship

The best innovative digital ideas and applications ready to work in the real airport environment

The big moment has arrived for young creativity and digital innovation!
Athens International Airport awarded the best innovative proposals and applications for new digital services and business activities with the ability / option to implement in a real airport environment. The awards were presented within the framework of AIA’s innovative contest “THE DIGITAL GATE: Airport Innovation Challenge – Transforming the Airport Environment”, during a special event held on Tuesday, December 1st.

The “Digital Gate” airport contest was launched last April, in cooperation with the Athens University of Economics and Business and the scientific support of the Laboratory of Electronic Commerce and Business, aiming at exploring and promoting digital innovation and young entrepreneurship in the air-transport and tourism sector. Participation was impressive, with 162 participants and 83 proposals, 35 of which offered a possibility of direct implementation in the airport environment!
Following 6 workshops and the continuous, valuable support by 45 mentors and 18 specialized professionals, the evaluation committee (11 experts from the IT&T, Transport and Startups sectors) selected 7 proposals, 6 of which will be implemented in Athens airport environment, and 1 will receive specialized support from the Athens University of Economics and Business. In addition, special awards were given to the teams by supporter companies, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, IQbility.

The winners are:

Weather ex Machina (1st award) → Application for the most accurate weather forecast
Butlair (Early Stage Startup award) → A “personal assistant” for Greece’s visitors
Clio Muse → An Athens art and culture guide application
TACTICAL → Efficient organizing, supervision and management of personnel works in large areas & crisis management
Smart Parking System - Human Electric → Smart parking in real time
Airport Assistant → Mobile application for PRM airport visitors and passengers
liateR → Smart shopping and testing, via interactive screens

In the framework of the “Digital Gate” awards ceremony, the Rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Konstantine Gatsios, stated:

“This contest aims at encouraging young innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on the development of digital services for the airport community - a very specific and demanding environment. The response to this truly unique for the Greek standards competition was really (in order to avoid repetition of the word truly) astonishing. So many groups of young people came up with various, diverse digital and innovative proposals that were full-heartedly supported by  Athens International Airport and  Athens University of Economics and Business. We strongly believe that processes such as the “Digital Gate” contest, act as sparks for our students to dare and make their first steps in the business arena. At the same time, such practices highlight the new role of the Greek Universities, as centres of new educational approaches, innovative and applicable research, and creation of new and sustainable entrepreneurship.”

The CEO of the Athens International Airport, Dr. Yiannis Paraschis, stressed:

“Innovation is part of our airport’s DNA and forms one of AIA’s key-pillars for the provision of top notch passenger services upgrading the travel experience. Plus, meaningful youth-support programmes constitute a basic element of Athens International Airport’s corporate responsibility (program??) .

Our goals and wishes are similar to those of the Athens University of Economics and Business; thus our initial idea to create this contest became a reality: the “Digital Gate” is not only a gateway towards innovation and applicable technology. It also signifies that organizations such as the Athens airport, have a duty to keep opening the path of progress and self-development for young people, especially during the difficult times we are going through.”

You can view the ceremony here:


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  • The competition is supported by: CISCO, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, SITA, UniSystems / IQbility. It is also under the auspices of the Hellenic Institute of Information and Communications / the Hellenic Management Association, ELTRUN, the Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies, SEPE, the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society.


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