Athens International Airport - Grid management

Who we are

AIA’s Electricity Grid Manager (EGM) is a licensed entity and operates as integral part of the airport’s community. The role of the EGM is to operate, maintain, upgrade and ensure the safety of its electricity networks (Medium and Low Voltage) within the boundaries of the airport. The EGM must also provide access to the airport’s electricity consumers under fair, equal and transparent procedures, which are constantly updated to meet the evolving legislation of the national energy market.

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Why do business with us?

All business in the airport requires high quality, uninterrupted electricity. The EGM has taken every precaution to ensure that the risk of power interruptions is minimised through the means of redundancy supply and exclusive substations. Our electricity Grid is comprised of the highest quality equipment & material, thus ensuring that transmission is unimpeded and faultless. Our team’sobjective is to ensure that your needs are met with simple procedures through one single office and in a customer-friendly manner.

Contact Grid Management

Asset Management/ Electricity Grid Manager

Mr. Ioannis Kartalis
Tel: (+30) 210 3537156

Mr. Ioannis Tagmatarchis
Tel: (+30) 210 3536399