Athens International Airport - AIRPORT PRAXIS 2
02 JUNE 2016

Six-month paid working experience and on-the-job training for 100 young people at Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport, wishing to substantially contribute to youth employability in Greece, offers to 100 young people, between ages 19 to29, the opportunity to work at the airport for a period up to 6 months, providing them with the necessary working experience and on-the-job training to support their future professional steps.

Athens International Airport’s acknowledged know-how has already “travelled abroad”, through various international airport projects. Through “Airport Praxis 2” the focus is on greek youth’s employability.  AIA offers paid work for 100 young people in various airport company departments providing valuable training, knowledge, and working experience. The programme is the continuation of “Airport Praxis 1” that was implemented in 2014 for 70 young people.   

The Airport Company’s working environment has gained a high place in the industry, while AIA has been honoured as a business entity with numerous international awards and distinctions.

Applications for the “Airport Praxis 2” programme must be submitted until 30/6/2016 through the airport’s web page at:

AIA invites

  • young people between 19 and 29 years of age, High or Technical School Graduates, interested in working in operations / technical sector, and
  • young people between 19 and 29 years of age, students, graduates  or undergraduates  of University (AEI) or Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) interested in obtaining working experience or accomplishing their internship in various departments within the Airport Company.


AIA’s web page (, provides detailed information on the “Airport Praxis 2” programme, as well as guidelines regarding application submission.

AIA Press Office
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