13 JANUARY 2015
Art Athina

Athens International Airport launches its collaboration with the Art-Athina International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, which celebrates its 20th year, by hosting throughout the year, six special exhibitions in the airport’s exhibition areas.

The “Art and Environment” exhibition area (Departures Level) will host three thematic displays which present the history of the city of Athens and its environment as well as that of contemporary art in public spaces.

The first exhibition, “Athens of yesterday, today”, presents selected photographs of statues located in Athens through the highly humorous lens of distinguished photographer Aristeidis Kontogeorgis. The curator is professor Manos Stefanidis.
Shot from various angles and under different lighting conditions, the photos of Kontogeorgis capture the city without idealization and reflect the way in which the city cohabits with its past as well as its present.
(12 January - 30 April 2015; free 24-hour access for passengers and visitors)

The second exhibition, “The walls of Athens speak”, will run from May 4 through August 30 and will be featuring contemporary art events, while the third show, “Contemporary art and public space in 21st century Athens” (September 7 - December 31, 2015) will present the city’s installations of contemporary art.

The “Art and Culture” exhibition area (Arrivals Level) will host three exhibitions with works by well-known artists on the theme of “Travel”.

This thematic circle will begin with Jenny Marketou’s “Stolen Bubbles”, curated by Artemis Potamianou. . This is an animation project which attempts to re-approach and reinterpret Karel Zeman’s classic film The Stolen Airship (1966). In the original film, an “airship” flying over Prague around the turn of the twentieth century attracts the gazes of the locals who gather in the streets to admire it, while even the statues on Charles Bridge seem to point at the strange machine.
(12 January - 30 April 2015; free 24-hour access for passengers and visitors)

tel.: 210 92 21 254

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