07 JULY 2017
Fly Me to the Moon 5
“Let me see what spring is like”..
Α year-round scent of spring at the Athens International Airport, with music, theatre and dance performances !  
July 2017 - May 2018

The Athens International Airport continues to fly passengers and visitors... to the moon! The multi-awarded “Fly me to the Moon” continues for the fifth consecutive year, full of live concerts, dance shows and other cultural events! Every year, the programme is thematically related to the lyrics of the famous song; so, following "Fly me to the moon", "Let me play" and "Αmong the stars", this new season invites passengers and airport visitors to "see what spring is like"! 
"Let me see what spring is like"
...and popular artists and major cultural institutions bring a year-round scent of spring at the Athens International Airport!
The National Theatre of Greece, the popular and renowned Greek singer/songwriter Monika, the beloved and promising singer/songwriter Katerine Duska, as well as "Bollywood" at the airport, and the traditional Christmas festivities with Greek Christmas carols, are a few of the events that compose the new "Fly me to the Moon 5" programme, which aims at elevating the mood of the passengers and the visitors of the Athens International Airport. The Greek National Opera will also be part of the new programme, with a special event that will soon be announced. 
Let yourself go with live concerts, theatre and dance performances, by popular young artists with fresh ideas, who will bring a scent of spring at the Athens International Airport!  
"Fly me to the Moon" is a joint collaboration between the Athens International Airport and elculture platform of contemporary culture, including two main sections: The popular Music Port, featuring Music Fridays and Perform in Art, where young artists, inspired by the airport environment, improvise and invite the public to an original musical, artistic or even dancing… experience!  
"Fly me to the Moon 5" programme:
21 July 2017: Perform in Art - Dora Stratou  
22 September 2017: Perform in Art - National Theatre of Greece  
13 October 2017: Music Port - Monika
24 & 31 December 2017: Perform in Art - Christmas Events 
14 February 2018: Perform in Art - Bollywood 
20 April 2018: Music Port - Katerine Duska 
Special event by the Greek National Opera - to be announced soon
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