Athens International Airport - "Philos": Athens International Airport's new digital assistant
01 APRIL 2021
"Philos": Athens International Airport's new digital assistant

“Philos”, having just joined the Athens International Airport’s staff, is the travellers’ new "digital assistant"!

"Philos" introduces itself as of today and is at the travellers' disposal providing information regarding travel in the COVID-19 context, with the help of artificial intelligence! Welcoming "Philos" on board, Athens Airport keeps on enhancing its digital footprint, with a dedicated information provider at the service of passengers. 

"Philos" is a friendly assistant and has just started its pilot phase. It already knows a lot; it is eager to interact with the travellers and continuously learn more and develop itself. Travellers can interact with Philos in Athens Airport's webpage – it is there to help and answer questions regarding travel and airport services,  in the context of COVID-19 and all the health & safety measures implemented at  Athens Airport. The prompt and friendly interaction with "Philos" will respond to travellers' queries, and, being a quick learner, the airport's new staff member will keep enhancing its knowledge and intelligence in the first phase of his "life".

In the framework of Athens International Airport's digital transformation, digital assistant "Philos" came alive by ICAP in cooperation with the Greek startup SmartRep, using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technology. "Philos" will soon be present in additional digital channels, ready to provide real-time information   in Greek and in English, offering  a "helping hand" to enhance and support the existing , 24/7 airport information services and communication channels.

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