Athens International Airport - Toys-Toys-Toys!
23 JANUARY 2020
Athens International Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ Exhibition area ‘Art & Enviroment’, Departure level (entrance 3), free entrance
Duration of the exhibition 17 January – 31 December 2020
Athens International Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’, following its long-standing and successful cooperation with the Benaki Museum, currently hosts the exhibition ‘Toys-Toys-Toys!’ drawing on the collections of the Benaki Toy Museum. 
The exhibition, which began on Friday 17 January, will last until Thursday 31 December 2020 and is hosted in the exhibition ‘Art & Environment’ area, located at the departures level of the airport, entrance 3.
Toys from the Benaki Toy Museum collections travel airport visitors to countries both distant and near. Dolls with local costume, toys handmade or industrially produced, transport toys and traditional toys alike introduce themselves and take us on a journey from the 19th to the late 20th century. At the end, we come to the conclusion that toys, apart from their recreational character, are part of the mosaic of history and the evolution of human civilization.
A few words about the exhibition
The journey begins with the world map as backdrop. Pictures of toys invite the traveller to identify their country of origin, while dolls dressed in colourful costume introduce their place of origin.
The video, produced by AbFab Productions, offers the visitor a quick tour of toys beloved by children and adults from all corners of the earth, awakens memories and stimulates knowledge as airplanes, cars, boats and spaceships merrily carry us all the way to the moon!
The Benaki Toy Museum in Palaio Faliro
The Benaki Toy Museum opened its doors to the public in 2017. Its holdings, based on the famed collection of Maria Argyriadi, include over 20,000 games, books, printed materials and articles connected to childhood, originating from Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia and dating from antiquity to around 1970. The Museum is housed in a late 19th-century building with stylistic references to the European Middle Ages donated to the Benaki Museum in 1976 by Vera Kouloura in accordance with the wishes of her husband, Captain Athanasios Koulouras, a benefactor from the island of Hydra.
Benaki Toy Museum: 14 Poseidonos & 1 Tritonos St., 175 61 Palaio Faliro.
BENAKI MUSEUM                                          ΑTHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT  Coordinator                                                      
Sophia Handaka                                              Supervision – Coordination                                         
                                                                        Chara - Helene Mitsotakis                                                           
                                                                        Head Public Relations & Culture               
Sophia Handaka                                               
Mary Vergos                                                    
Nora - Ioanna Hatzopoulou                                
Exhibition Design                                                                                                                   
Paul Thanopoulos                                                                             
Video Production                                                                                     
AbFab Productions                                       
Technical Support                                            Graphic Design
Plan B                                                               Pindaros Charisiadis
Digital Prints                                                      Conservation of toys
Apolyto Creative Spot                                       Benaki Museum Conservation
Photography of toys                                          Exhibition photographer
Leonidas Kourgiantakis                                     Ilias Georgouleas
Ioanna Moraiti
Nicoletta Menti
Press Office
Athina Isaia