Regardless of origin, passengers of all inbound flights enter the main terminal building on the Arrivals Level.

Gate information and boarding

If you already have the boarding pass for your connecting flight, please check the flight information monitors carefully for your gate details before proceeding to the Departures Level.

Kindly be advised that departure gates are subject to change.

If you don’t have the boarding pass for your connecting flight, please proceed to the nearest transfer desk staffed by the various airlines and ground handlers.

If the transfer desk is not staffed, then you should proceed to the Check-In Hall on the Departures Level.

All flights to non-Schengen countries depart from Area A. All flights to Schengen countries depart from Area B. Follow Terminal Signage.

Baggage information

Transfer bags are usually checked through to the final destination. Please check your baggage tag.

Even if your baggage has been tagged for the final destination, you may have to pick it up and clear customs at Athens.

If your baggage hasn’t been checked through to the final destination, follow the signs in the terminal for the Baggage Reclaim Area, pick up your luggage, clear customs and proceed to the Check-In Hall on the Departures Level.

For further information, kindly contact the nearest available Airport Information Counter or use any of the red courtesy phones in order to call the airport’s Call Centre.

Minimum connecting times

Minimum connecting times apply ONLY if you have booked a through ticket with an airline and any baggage is checked through to your final destination.

Keep in mind that they do not apply if you have arranged your own flight connections or you need to pick up baggage at Athens International Airport. In such cases, you should allow extra time for your journey, as you will need to follow the signs in the terminal for the Arrivals Area, pick up your baggage and then check in as normal for your connecting flight.


Allow extra time for security control.

Liquids for transfer passengers arriving from non-EU countries

If you are transferring to another EU airport/s or to a country that has special travel agreements with the EU (Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malaysia, Norway, Switzerland), as regards liquids, you are still allowed to shop at Athens International Airport. However, you must not open the special tamper evident bag/s packed by staff at the airport shop/s and you must keep the purchase receipt/s until you reach your final destination.

This does not apply to transfer passengers in Athens carrying duty free goods purchased at airports outside the EU.