Athens International Airport - Parking Services


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Park at Short Term Parking (1 & 2) free of charge for up to 20 minutes.

Shuttle Bus

The free of charge Shuttle Bus offers quick and easy transport from and to Long Term and Economy Parking lots, in approximately 5-6 minutes.

24-hour customer service is available. For assistance, please contact our parking personnel, pressing the information button at all auto pay stations or entry/exit control units.

  • From Long Term and Economy Parking lots to the Main Terminal Building:
    You can take the Shuttle Bus from any of bus stops located at the area.
  • From the Main Terminal Building to Long Term and Economy Parking lots:
    You can take the Shuttle Bus from the stop in front of the Exit 3, at the Arrivals Level.

ELectric vehicle charging in the short term 1 parking 

The Official Airport Parking teamed up with DEI Blue and has now installed 14 electric charging-points, compatible with all European standards (cable, vehicle) in the Short Term 1 Parking lot.

DEI Blue’s charging station combines a variety of AC and DC chargers, which can charge up to 120kW, covering all needs of EV-PHEV cars at the same charging point.

Technical features:

  • 5 dual chargers 2 x 22 kW AC
  • A High Power DC 120 kW (or 2 x 60 kW DC)
  • A 50 kW DC and 22 kW AC power charger

To charge, please follow the steps below:

  • Scan the QR code on the selected DC or AC socket and download DEI Blue App. If you have already downloaded DEI Blue App select “Scan QR” and scan the QR code on the selected DC or AC socket.
  • In the app, add payment method by choosing “Settings/Payment methods/add payment method”.
  • Connect the charging cable to the vehicle and choose “Start charging” on the app.
  • The app will notify you when your car has finished charging.
  • In the app, choose “Stop charging” to stop the session and remove the cable from the vehicle.
  • Upon completion of charging, the corresponding amount will be charged to your credit / debit card. Visit to find out more about the charging prices.
  • Add the charging point to your favourites to find it easily.

Detailed steps can be found on the chargers.

Kindly note that the charging station in Short Term 2 Parking (BMW charger) is no longer available for public use.


In case of flat tires or low battery issues, you are entitled to car support. To contact the parking personnel press the information button at any auto pay station or entry/exit control point.

24-hour Service

A 24-hour customer service desk, located at the parking operator (Cityzen Parking & Services) office at the Short Term Parking 2, is available for customers needing further assistance. You may also contact the Cityzen Parking & Services at (+30) 210 3534260.


If you park at Long Term and Economy Parking lots remember to note down the color and the number of the parking space, where you parked your car.

Baggage Trolleys

Baggage trolleys are available at all parking lots for your luggage transfer.

0-20 minutes FREE
21-60 minutes 5.00 €
1-4 hours 10.00 €
4-5 hours 13.00 €
5-6 hours 15.00 €
6-7 hours 16.00 €
7-8 hours 17.00 €
8-9 hours 18.00 €
9-10 hours 19.00 €
10-11 hours 20.00 €
11-12 hours 21.00 €
12-13 hours 22.00 €
13-14 hours 23.00 €
14-15 hours 24.00 €
15-24 hours 25.00 €
Each subsequent day or part thereof 25.00 €
0-20 minutes FREE
21-60 minutes 5.00 €
1-4 hours 10.00 €
4-24 hours 13.00 €
1-2 days 26.00 €
2-3 days 39.00 €
3-4 days 50.00 €
4-5 days 50.00 €
5-6 days 50.00 €
6-7 days 50.00 €
Each subsequent day or part thereof 5.00 €
0-5 hours 25.00 €
5-24 hours 50.00 €
Up to 2 days 65.00 €
Up to 3 days 80.00 €
Up to 4 days 95.00 €
Each subsequent day or part thereof 10.00 €