Athens International Airport - Pair and Win Terms & Conditions

The company "Athens International Airport S.A." (AIA) in collaboration with the company Hellenic Duty Free Shops and the airline company Emirates, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer", are organizing a Contest called Euphoria Shopping Pair & Win, hereinafter referred to as the "Contest" with the following terms of participation, hereinafter referred to as the "Terms".

The Contest is addressed to all Emirates passengers on all direct flights from Athens Airport for the period from January 10 to March 31, 2024.

The Contest will be held within the Hellenic Duty Free Shops and boutiques located within the Extra Schengen area of Athens Airport.

Food & Beverage Units (Restaurants & Cafes), currency exchange units and WHSmith branded retail units in the Extra Schengen area are excluded from the contest.

Contest Duration

The Contest will run from January 10th to March 31st, 2024.


The Contest will select 3 winners – one each month – who will win:

Two (2) return economy class airline tickets from Emirates for the route Athens – Dubai and

one (1) gift voucher with a total value of five hundred (500) euros for purchases exclusively from the stores that participated in the contest.

Only Emirates passengers, who have reached the age of eighteen (18) on the day of their participation in the Contest, are eligible to participate in the Contest. AIA, HDFS and Emirates employees are excluded.

Contest Participation Process:

The passenger will receive the discount coupon with relevant information from the Emirates check-in counters at Athens Airport.

The passenger must then purchase at least one product (excluding alcoholic beverages and tobacco products), regardless of financial value, from any Extra Schengen HDFS store participating in the Contest.

When purchasing the product, the customer must show the coupon at the cashier of the store, with which he/she will receive a 10% discount (excluding products already on sale or on offer), and the boarding pass with which he/she will confirm that he/she is traveling with Emirates.

After completing the purchase, the passenger should scan the QR code of the Contest, which will be marked at the cash registers of the shops participating in the Contest and fill in his/her details in the form linked to the QR code of the Contest.

The information he/she will be asked for is: First Name, Last Name, Contact Phone, Email.

In addition, he/she should upload a photo of the purchase receipt and the boarding pass, give consent to the processing of his/her personal data and press the SUBMIT button.

Each passenger has the right to participate more than once in the Contest, according to the purchases he/she will make from the participating stores.

In order to claim more entries, he/she will have to repeat the above procedure for each purchase he/she will make from the stores participating in the contest, uploading a different receipt each time.

For the participation to be valid, the passenger must register his/her participation on the day of his/her trip and the trip must have taken place from 10/01/24 to 31/03/24.

Use of rewards

Air tickets

Air tickets provided by Emirates will include, in addition to the total cost plus taxes, 1 piece of checked-in baggage.

The process of booking / issuing the air tickets will be performed directly by Emirates.

Winners will be informed of the process and contact details of the Emirates’ representative to be contacted.

Winner's chosen travel dates may have to vary depending on flight availability.

Easter, Christmas and high season dates of the summer period are excluded from the possible dates.

The air tickets can only be used by the winner and his/her designated companion and only for Athens – Dubai route operated by Emirates from Athens Airport.

Tickets cannot be transferred, sold, redeemed or used on another airline or destination.

No changes are allowed after the tickets have been issued. Taxes are non-refundable.

There is no compensation in case of non-use of air tickets or boarding denial.

Winners should have all necessary travel documents (passport, visa, etc.) on their own responsibility and diligence.

Travel must be completed no later than 31/12/24 (last date of return from the destination).

If the above time period has lapsed and the winner has not traveled for any reason, he/she loses every right or claim to the prize, without any exception whatsoever.

Gift vouchers

Winners can redeem the gift vouchers at the stores that participated in the contest.

the voucher is not exchanged for money, even in the case of purchasing products of lesser value. The gift voucher can only be used when it bears the stamp and signature of AIA’s company representative.

The gift voucher must be redeemed during a trip upon which the winner will have access to the Extra Schengen area of Athens Airport.

Upon completion of the redemption, the store cashier will collect the gift voucher.

Escorting and purchases are not feasible without a valid boarding pass for the specific area.

The gift voucher will be sent to the winners in paper format by courier or can be collected on working days and hours (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00) from the company’s offices and upon communication two (2) working days in advance, at phone number that will be given upon presentation of a police ID Card or passport. In addition, a check receipt form will be signed for collection. The gift voucher will contain the details of the winner (name & surname) and can only be used by him/her.

The gift voucher cannot be transferred, sold, or redeemed for money.

Winners can redeem the gift voucher until 31/12/2024.

In order to redeem the gift voucher, the winners must inform the person in charge appointed by the Organizer – whose details will be given to the winners – 5 days before the trip and the use of the gift voucher.

If the above period of time has lapsed and the winner has not redeemed the gift voucher for any reason, he/she loses every right or claim to the prize, without any exceptions whatsoever.

In case of loss of the gift voucher, it will not be possible to replace / reissue it.

Procedure and dates of draws / Announcement of winners

The monthly electronic draws to select the three (3) winners will take place as follows:

1st Winner: Thursday, February 1, 2024

2nd Winner: Friday March 1, 2024

3rd Winner: Monday, April 1, 2024

Users who have registered for that month will participate in the draw every month.

The electronic draw to select the winners will take place at AIA’s offices among the valid participants.

Each winner will win two (2) economy class air tickets from Emirates and one (1) gift voucher worth five hundred (500) euros for purchases exclusively from the stores that participated in the contest.

If for any reason the carrying out of the electronic lottery is not possible to take place on the aforementioned days, AIA reserves the right to change these dates at any time with prior notice.

Winners will be notified via email or contacted by phone in the number they stated in the Contest participation form.


If the winners do not appear within twenty (20) calendar days after being emailed or contacted by phone, the Organizer will contact the first runner-up. If the first (1st) runner-up does not subsequently appear within twenty (20) calendar days, the Organizer will contact the next runner-up. In the event that communication is not possible with any of the runners-up, then the prize will be cancelled.

During the electronic communication, the winner will be asked for his/her full details as shown on his/her passport and/or ID Card (surname, father’s name, date of birth, fixed or mobile phone number and home address) so as the identification verification to be feasible upon collection of the rewards.

The Organizer does not bear any responsibility for anything related to the above gift voucher, except for its delivery to the Contest winners. The Organizer is released from the obligation to deliver the gift voucher in cases where the conditions of participation in the Contest have not been met in any way.

Prizes are automatically canceled after their predetermined expiration date, i.e. after 31/12/2024.

The Organizer is not responsible in the event of an error in the system software, as well as for the obstruction of the conduct of the Contest due to fault or malicious action of third parties.

Furthermore, the Organizer bears no liability, criminal or civil, to any winner or third party, for any accident and/or damage and/or physical or material damage caused to them directly or indirectly related to the gift voucher or the trip or for any other cause, including any product selected/purchased by the winner from the stores participating in the Contest and for any cost, loss or damage of any kind incurred by the party as a result of such purchase/selection.

The results of the Contest cannot be questioned or challenged by any legal remedy.

The Organizer reserves the right to announce the names and publish photos, audio performances and video recordings of the winners on its websites, in any of its publications, as well as to advertise any relevant event.

In this context, the winners, by participating in the Contest, unconditionally agree to all of the above and all of the present conditions without the payment of any fee or compensation and are bound, without any claim for compensation, remuneration, exchange, reimbursement of expenses or in general without no other requirement, to facilitate the Organizer in the timely production of relevant visual and audio material. If the winners wish, they will be able to attend an event held by the Organizer upon its invitation. At the same time, automatically by participating in the Contest, the winners allow the Organizer to use their photos, as well as their recorded image and/or recording for advertising purposes, in any form of advertising, for one (1) year from the collection of the gifts, without prior consultation with them and without financial or other demand on their part.

Participation in the Contest automatically and unconditionally constitutes acceptance of all these Terms, without any further charge or procedure. The participation of each winner, at any stage including the delivery and receipt of the prizes, may be canceled for the following reasons:

  • in the event that, for any reason, he/she does not fully accept these Terms in their entirety, all of which are considered material, and do not sign a relevant declaration;
  • in the event that his/her participation does not meet any of the Terms herein,
  • in case his/her participation is, at the discretion of the Organizer, in itself the product of illegal technical influence on the Organizer's systems or in general fraud or unfair interference of the participant or a third party,
  • in the event that any of the information provided by the participant is false,
  • in the event that, for any reason, the attempt to contact the winner within the as above specified time period of twenty (20) calendar days after the announcement of the winners, is fruitless,
  • in the event that for any reason the winner does not show up as above, or shows up late in redeeming the gift voucher and/or air ticket.
  • In any case of cancellation of each winner’s participation, his/her right to the prize is acquired by the immediately following substitute, as he/she was declared by the lottery in the time order of his/her selection.

Participants in the Contest guarantee that they will provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete information about themselves during their registration and the explicit consent of their participation (opt in) in the Contest (hereinafter "Registration Data"), but also for the right to delete them (Opt out) from the Registration Data.

In addition, they undertake to maintain and timely update the Registration Data so that it is true, accurate, current and complete during the Contest. If the participants use false, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete or misleading information, the Organizer bears no responsibility and the participants themselves are considered solely responsible for the altered depiction of their situation. The data that will be collected will include the above mentioned.

Without prejudice to other specifically stipulated, it is not mandatory to provide any additional data, which is not necessary or reasonable to request in the context of the Contest. In any case, even in case of negligence, the Organizer is not responsible for any damages of any kind – nature, related to the voluntary publication by the participants of personal details or other sensitive information of themselves or third parties. Also, the participants with their participation accept that they do not infringe any kind of rights of third parties.

In any cases of this kind, the participants accept full and exclusive responsibility for any potential consequences, even in the case of malicious harassment by third parties.

The Organizer reserves the right to differentiate the conditions of this announcement at any time, by informing the public in time.

The Terms of Participation and the Personal Data Protection Statement are posted on AIA’s Website.

Privacy Notice

Athens International Airport S.A (AIA) acknowledges and respects the importance of user personal data privacy commits to safeguard their availability, integrity, and confidentiality for the period these are retained.

1. Data Controller: “Athens International Airport S.A.” (AIA), with corporate seat at Administration Building (B17), Spata Attica, postal code 190 19, is the Data Controller for this processing activity. You may contact AIA’s Data Protection Officer through AIA’s website, email correspondence at and postal correspondence addressed to:

Manager, Data Protection & Compliance Dept.
Athens International Airport S.A.
Administration Building (B17)
190 19 Spata, Attica

2. Type of personal data processed:  The application processes name, contact information (phone number and e-mail address) as well as the picture of the payment receipt and boarding pass. AIA implements organizational and technical measures to secure the data protection while in- transit and at-rest.

3. Purpose and scope of processing: Data processing is necessary for the participation in Lottery, pursuant user personal consent. Separate user consent is recorded for subscription to receive AIA’s newsletters, offers and promotion material (digital marketing).

4. Third party processing: Data processing is performed with European Economic Area (EEA) by the following entities, on behalf of AIA:

"Grammedia LTD (Contact Pigeon)”, located at Leof. Pentelis Str. 74, Chalandri 15234 ( who process, on behalf of AIA, the consent and the personal data for participating in the subject activity and in addition for the provision of digital marketing services.
“DOPE Studio S.A.”, located at Mesogeion Ave. 451, Ag. Paraskevi 153 43,  ( who process, on behalf of AIA, the consent for subscription to receive AIA’s newsletters, offers and promotion material (digital marketing).

5. Retention Period:  The personal data processed for participation in the Euphoria Pair & Win  is kept for 1 year for fulfilling the competition gifts’ purposes. Personal data as subscribers to newsletters, offers and promotions for Airport services and stores (digital marketing) is retained as long as you do not withdraw your consent.

Note: AIA may retain personal data for the duration of any period necessary to establish, exercise or defend any legal rights or at such longer retention period as may be required by applicable law.

6. Rights to access and manage personal data: Requests to exercise the rights of data subjects are communicated to AIA’s Personal Data Protection Officer (as per par. 1).

Note:  The exercise of rights may be subject to applicable regulatory, or operational restrictions.

7. Right to lodge a complaint with the competent Data Protection Authority at: