Athens International Airport - Eco-Innovation Award 2013
17 JUNE 2013
Eco-Innovation Award 2013

Athens International Airport receives top European environmental airport award!

In honor of its innovative environmental programmes and initiatives, Athens International Airport received the Eco-Innovation Award at the ACI EUROPE Best Airports Awards ceremony at the recent 9th ACI EUROPE/WORLD Annual Conference & Exhibition in Istanbul. This distinction comes as a significant acknowledgment of the Athens airport’s leading approach to environmental protection.

This year's award takes on additional significance during a critical time for the country as well as for the aviation sector, as it reflects AIA’s continuous efforts to deliver environmental management systems that go well beyond regulatory requirements. Specifically, the Athens airport scored highest on criteria addressing environmental awareness, effective management of carbon emissions, and stakeholder engagement.

A few of AIA’s most important environmental initiatives include: a) the construction and operation of an 8.05 MWp Photovoltaic Park - the largest unified PV installation at an airport worldwide, b) the implementation of a series of energy-saving measures targeting a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions under AIA’s direct control by 2020 using 2005 as a baseline year and c) a number of actions such as information campaigns and financial incentives for the recycling of the waste produced at the airport, which led to a significant increase in the recycling rate - from just 3% in 2001 to an impressive 53% in 2012.


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