Athens International Airport - ΕΛΕVΣΙΣ arrival of a notable someone - An exhibition about the city as a timeless mystery
13 JULY 2023
ΕΛΕVΣΙΣ arrival of a notable someone - An exhibition about the city as a timeless mystery

18 May - 31 December 2023
Athens International Airport – Exhibition Area “Art and Culture”

Elefsina and her mysteries are revealed at the Athens International Airport. Discover them! 

The Athens International Airport, in collaboration with 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture, presents the exhibition ΕΛΕVΣΙΣ arrival of a notable someone in the exhibitions area “Art and Culture”: an exhibition about the city of Elefsina which continues to constitute a timeless mystery, a Raw Museum, from Antiquity to this day. The exhibition ends on 31 December 2023.

Curated by Erato Koutsoudaki, this exhibition attempts to cover the imaginary and physical distance between the airport and Elefsina, inviting the visitor to discover the unseen side of this small but great city through texts by great thinkers of Europe, like Albert Camus, Virginia Woolf and Gustave Flaubert. 

Elefsina, one of the five sacred cities of Antiquity and birthplace of the great tragic poet Aeschylus, thanks to its natural harbour and its strategic position on the Thriasian Plain, just 21 kilometres west of Athens, played a historical role on multiple occasions during its course through time. After the 19th century, it became one of the largest industrial centres in Greece and its image is compounded with the human mosaic created by communities of various origins, which together form an important part of the city’s modern identity. Today, 2023 Eleusis, under the title Mysteries of Transition and as European Capital of Culture, attempts to mark a new era for Elefsina and its transition to a different model of development, which centres on the city’s cultural dynamics.

Duration: 18 May until 31 October 2023
Venue: Exhibition Area “Art and Culture”, Arrivals level – Exit 1 / Athens International Airport 

2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture
Curation: Erato Koutsoudaki, General Artistic Directorate 2023 Eleusis
Co-ordination: Isavella-Dimitra Karouti, Head of General Artistic Directorate Support & Eleni Temponera, Director of Communications & Marketing 

Athens International Airport S.A.
Curation - Co-ordination: Chara-Helene Mitsotakis, Advisor of Public Relations & Culture




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