Athens International Airport - Implementation of measures for the decongestion of the drop-off and pick-up areas of the Departures and Arrivals Curbsides at Athens International Airport
08 NOVEMBER 2022
Implementation of measures for the decongestion of the drop-off and pick-up areas of the Departures and Arrivals Curbsides at Athens International Airport

The rise of passenger traffic approaching the 2019 levels, combined with an increased use of private vehicles for transportation to and from the airport, in the context of a new reality shaped by the pandemic, requires targeted solutions at the Athens International Airport.

In line with our efforts for continuous improvement, and taking into account relevant comments made by airport users, AIA proceeds with the implementation of a significant upgrade of the curbside areas aiming to decongest vehicular traffic, improve customer experience and the environment. To this end, a project has been launched aiming at smooth operations and traffic regulation on the access lanes outside the Main Terminal Building.

Specifically, an access control scheme will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Article 29 of Law 4903/22 (Government Gazette A' 46/5.3.2022), in the airport pick up and drop off areas.

Acknowledging increased capacity needs as well as travellers' complaints regarding the overcrowding created by illegally parked vehicles on curbside car lanes, the project, of which the construction works start in November to be completed before summer 2023, concerns the installation of an access control scheme comprising barriers at the entrance and exit of the Departures and Arrivals curbs. The interventions, supported by relevant technical studies conducted by AIA, are fully compatible with international best practices, already in place at most major European airports.

Upon the completion of the project, the duration of stay within the controlled areas will be set to 10 minutes, aiming at discouraging drivers from misusing the area and putting a strain on its limited capacity through prolonged stays. For drivers exceeding the 10-minute limit, a charge will be imposed.

International experience shows that this is a very successful practice and is adopted by most major airports with wide acceptance, while the users show very high levels of compliance thus contributing to the decongestion of the areas. Collected amounts will be offered to a road safety organization. Furthermore, free 20-minute stay for all car users will continue to be in effect at the airport’s short-term parking areas 1 & 2.

Of course, specific measures will be introduced for the facilitation of travellers with reduced mobility and special needs.              

Works will proceed gradually, starting from the Departures outer lanes (drop-off area) and will expand at the Arrivals outer lanes (pick-up area). The road servicing parking areas (Short Term 1 & 2), the airport hotel, as well as the through passage of vehicles from South to North for “Attiki Odos” main highway will not be affected by construction works. Information updates on the progress of works will be provided on a regular basis.

We kindly ask for the public’s collaboration in this effort, both during the construction period, as well as during the launch and implementation of the new measures, in order for the airport to be able to offer the level of service expected at the main gateway of our city and of our country.