Athens International Airport - Athens International Airport participates once again in “Earth Hour”
26 MARCH 2015
Athens International Airport participates once again in “Earth Hour”

For the seventh year in a row, Athens International Airport joins the WWF’s global initiative “Earth Hour” on Saturday, March 28th. The airport will switch off the lighting of its western runway system (03L/21R), interrupting its operation for one hour, between 20:30 – 21:30 (local time).

At the same time, during “Earth Hour 2015”, lighting in the airport buildings, staff parking lots, and other selected airport areas will be reduced.

Wishing to contribute to public awareness regarding the issue of climate change, announcements in the airport’s terminal will be made, informing passengers and visitors about the WWF’s global mobilization and the active participation of Athens International Airport.  Moreover, the Airport Company encourages all its employees to participate at home, by dimming or shutting off the lights.  Other members of the airport community will be participating in this symbolic action against climate change, among them Leroy Merlin, Factory Outlet, Sofitel, IKEA, Kotsovolos, etc.

Apart from its symbolic participation in environmental initiatives, Athens International Airport continuously undertakes actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under its direct control, including the implementation, since 2008, of a Climate Change Corporate Action Plan, which is updated on a yearly basis, and the airport’s participation in Airport Carbon Accreditation, a European voluntary programme to help airports measure and manage their carbon footprint that was launched in 2009. As a result of its efforts, AIA has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 33% since 2005.


Closure of the western runway system will NOT impact Athens International Airport’s operation; closure will take place following special planning for the one-hour duration of the action. All flights will be serviced on the airport’s eastern runway according to schedule.
Reduction of lighting at the selected facilities will be done in full compliance with safety provisions for passengers, visitors, and staff. 


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