Athens International Airport - The Athens International Airport completed 15 years of operations!
31 MARCH 2016
The Athens International Airport completed 15 years of operations!

15 years in numbers

Passengers 218.700.000
Flights 2.700.000
Baggage 92.587.725
Cargo / tonnes 1.492.425
International passengers 113.800.000
Greek passengers 104.900.000
Transfer passengers 49.000.000
Call Centre calls 14.020.000
Airport shops customers 165.459.000
Recycling / tonnes 40.290
Carbon footprint reduction / 42% compared to 2005
Awards and international distinctions 61


On March 28th, the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” completed its first 15 years of operations, highlighted by important moments and challenges. During this time, the Athens Airport’s overall successful performance and results, as well as its dynamic international profile and innovation have been honored with international distinctions. The last five years, marked by a series of significant changes and global developments in the aviation sector, and, in particular, by the deep Greek economy crisis, were, so far, the biggest challenges for the airport: AIA, demonstrating sound strategy and resilience, moved ahead from a negative 2011 to the Year of Records: 2015 was the most successful year for the airport’s passenger traffic, with 18.1 million passengers.

Beyond numbers and their 15-year period symbolism, special actions and programmes for the anniversary year 2016 are of essential value and focus on

•    The society that is under strain,
•    The city of Athens, with the aim to further sustain  its, already demonstrated, attractiveness and popularity as a destination
•    The city’s visitors

2016 – For society

As a socially responsible operator since airport opening, the Athens International Airport launches in 2016 actions of substance, placing the Child and Employment at the centre of its CR role.

•    At a time when supporting local communities is more important than ever, AIA cooperates this year with the Prolepsis Institute, in order to alleviate nutrition problems for children attending local public schools
•    In the framework of its ongoing year-long collaboration with the Association “The Smile of the Child”, AIA continues to support the children and, on top of its scheduled actions, will organize in May the first charity Plane Pull in Greece, at the airport area, jointly with the “Smile” and DHL
•    Always supporting employment, AIA will soon announce a special programme for Greek unemployed young people

2016 – For Athens and its visitors

•    “Speak Aθenian. Be an AΘenian.” - The interactive campaign for the city, in cooperation with Marketing Greece, is one of AIA’s strategic initiatives for the promotion of Athens and the Athenian identity. The campaign is already running, and  will soon “come alive” too, at airport and city selected spots
•    “Fly Me to the Moon” – AIA’s cultural programme continues at the airport throughout 2016, with a series of surprise events for passengers
•    Our terminal staff has a new member… and a friend: “Philos the Athenian” (“Philos” means “friend” in Greek) is the airport’s mascot, bringing extra smiles to the travelling experience!

On the occasion of the airport’s 15th birthday, AIA CEO, Yiannis Paraschis, stressed:

“During these 15 years of airport operations, we have been privileged with important moments and experiences, from the airport s beginning of operations towards its full development. Athens International Airport is a major infrastructure but, above all, an operational and business entity of 300 organizations and enterprises, as well as 14,000 employees, an important contributor to the Greek economy, with significant benefits for employment, entrepreneurship, tourism and society, on a national and local scale.

The challenges we faced, stimulated and developed two main characteristics in our airport community: adaptability to constantly changing conditions and cooperation. These qualities, along with teamwork, joint efforts and commitment to common goals allowed us to respond, with remarkable dynamism, to significant challenges during this 15-year period, and, in particular, during the last, highly challenging 5 years.

We celebrate our 15 years in a period when, despite the country’s severe macroeconomic conditions, the year 2016 prospects seem quite positive.

I would like to warmly thank all airport colleagues and partners in the Athens International Airport community, for their devotion and contribution.”


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