Athens International Airport - UN - LIMITED SKY: Borderless Sky Limitless Creativity
05 MAY 2023
UN - LIMITED SKY: Borderless Sky Limitless Creativity

A Students’ Works Exhibition at Athens International Airport
02/05/2023 - 31/12/2023

Athens airport, Art & Culture: 100 exhibitions in 22 years 
On Tuesday, May 2nd, the exhibition UN – LIMITED SKY opened its doors in the "Art & Environment" area, Departures Level (entrance 3) of the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", which will last until the end of the year. Access is free to the public. Furthermore, the exhibition carries a special symbolism for the Athens airport, as it is the 100th exhibition that has been hosted in our premises, since the launch of operations, in 2001. In addition, the exhibition marks also the completion of the first five years of the University of West Attica. 

The idea of the present exhibition had as its starting point the Athens International Airport and after going through various stages of processing, it was transferred to the classrooms of the University where it was delivered as an annual monothematic project to the students of the "Visual Art Applications" laboratory of the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts of the University of West Attica. 

The participants enthusiastically embraced the challenge and were engaged, for over a year, in the creation of original works through the collage technique, developing their ideas on the creative axes: Sky, Limited-Unlimited, Countries, Journeys, Nations, Earth, Travel, Space, Border-Borderless, etc. or adopting personal interpretations of concepts and terms. 

Visual and conceptual approaches followed literal, metaphorical, symbolic, realistic, hyperrealistic or abstract paths or even a combination of some of them. The selected art works of this "journey" are presented at the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" both in wall mounted digital prints and in a continuous stream of images projected on a video.

Concept & Curating of the Exhibition:
Harris Pressas, Professor, Dean of Faculty of Applied Arts & Culture
Myrto Vounatsou, Assistant Professor, Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts & Culture

Supervision & Coordination:
Chara - Helene Mitsotakis, Head Public Relations & Culture

Andreou Kalliopi, Velli Vasiliki, Venetopoulos Nikos, Veroniki Nikoletta, Vougioukalakis Alexandros, Gardos Christodoulos, Glaros Michalis, Daskos Alexandros, Deligianni Katerina, Dimitropoulou Mikaela, Zarri Vasiliki, Iliopoulou Niki, Theodoridou Maria, Kinna Michaela, Kita Elena, Kourkouta Maria, Kyriakou Kostis, Konstantinou Artemis, Lytra Afroditi, Mara Evangelia, Mavropoulou Katerina, Mitsopoulou Ina, Bakalis Spyros, Belba Orestis, Bekio Fation, Bitsani Stavrianna, Natskempia Valerios, Oikonomou Anna, Palai Renata, Pappa Vassia, Politi Vasiliki, Provias Xristos, Protopapa Euphemia, Rentzepi Ourania, Seirli Katerina, Sidiropoulou Nikoleta, Soldatou Dina, Stamou Maria, Tselemente Maira, Tsetsou Konstantina, Tsirona Marialena, Foteinopoulos Christos, Chatziiosif Panagiotis

Graphic Design:
Prodromos Manou

Collection and Processing of Digital Work:
Nikos Venetopoulos
Niki Iliopoulou
Stavrianna Bitsani




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