Athens International Airport - IT&T SERVICES POLICY

(Issue Date: November 2021)

The Information Technology & Telecommunications Business Unit (IT&T BU) of Athens International Airport S.A. (AIA) is the corporate infrastructure & technology “owner” aiming to provide innovative though reliable, and cost-effective services to all aerodrome internal and external stakeholders, i.e., airport users, customer airlines, state authorities and the visiting public.

Through the current IT&T services policy, AIA and its IT&T Business Unit (BU) commit not only to meet all regulatory requirements but to exceed all strict industry standards and early adopt best practices. ISO standards and requirements (ISO9001 and ISO20000) as well as corporate principles are they key enablers to this end.   

Our primary mission is to be recognised as a full-scale, trustworthy and innovative provider of systems and digital solutions, our offering ranging from their design to their effective operation, to the benefit of the entire airport community.


  1. Fully align with corporate strategy on innovation and digital transformation (Mobile Technology, Robotics, Biometrics, Internet of Things and Big Data intelligence).
  2. Ensure quality in Service Management and meet Service Level criteria of high caliber.
  3. Ensure continuous availability and reliable operation of the provided services.
  4. Respond to every stakeholders’ request and ensure that services delivered are appropriate.
  5. Place efficiency and effectiveness at the cornerstone of the IT&T Quality and Service Management System, encouraging innovative thinking and knowledge awareness amongst the IT&T personnel and collaborating partners.


  1. Continuously upgrade employees’ soft and hard skills,
  2. Identify, encourage, train, and improve technical and commercial skillset of highly motivated employees, to build on their future carrier path,
  3. Define establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators to improve control and optimise  service quality,
  4. Work proactively in IT&T Risk identification and develop fall back scenarios to ensure business continuity and smooth delivery of services.
  5. Monitor relative market developments and act as the knowledge cultivator rather than knowledge worker to improve the IT&T Service Management System and establish sustainability in the value creation chain,  
  6. Enhance communication and knowledge sharing with personnel and stakeholders.
  7. Fully adhere to legal, regulatory, and statutory rules and requirements, always being a responsible manager.

This Policy is subject to continuous monitoring and updating under corporate procedures.


Ziomas Alexandros,
Director, IT&T Business Unit