Athens International Airport - The curbside access and traffic control project at Athens Airport’s departures and arrivals has been completed
08 MAY 2023
The curbside access and traffic control project at Athens Airport’s departures and arrivals has been completed

Improving the drop-off and pick-up experience

The new set up of the curbside access and traffic control system is ready for implementation as of June 7. The project was designed with a key focus on safety, and on the orderly, environmentally and socially responsible use of the road sections exclusively intended for passenger pick-up/drop-off at the Arrivals and Departures levels.

With the aim of avoiding congestion and illegal parking, the project was carried out to ensure the optimum level of service for travellers and drivers, at the main entrance and exit gateway to and from Athens and Greece. As of this summer, the new system’s interventions are a significant and necessary improvement of airport curbside operations, taking into consideration the capacity needs and the airport’s passenger traffic, which is already exceeding the record 2019 levels.

The functionality of the project was ascertained by transport studies, as well as by the international experience and best practices. Importantly, taking also into consideration the users’ remarks regarding the congestion experience and the disruption created by parked vehicles, for which the specific areas are not provided, the curbside project ensures that all users have at their disposal 10 minutes free of charge for their goodbye / drop off or the welcome and pick up time, conveniently and safely, as in all major airports.

What is changing: The airport has a new entry/exit barrier-controlled system at road sections of the departures and arrivals levels – where all traffic road provisions by Law are in place – allowing 10 minutes for free of charge drive, stop, and exit of vehicles. Vehicle service and flow will be easy and comfortable, through a very simple process regulating traffic and short stop in specially designed positions, preventing illegal parking and prolonged stay, for which the area is not intended. A charge of 5 Euros will be enforced to those drivers that stay more than 10 minutes and up to 20, while beyond 20 minutes an additional charge of 1 Euro per minute will be applied up to one hour.  

Through a simple process which is already an internationally widespread and successful decongestion practice, Athens International Airport seeks the quick adjustment of drivers to a more functional, orderly and fair use of the premises. Sums that may be collected from non-compliance, will be donated by AIA for the planning, support and implementation of road safety programmes conducted by "Panos Mylonas" Road Safety Institute. 

Special provisions will be addressing PRM needs, while free parking for 20 minutes will continue to apply for all users at the airport’s short parking areas, P1 & P2.

During the period of familiarization and adaptation to this new practice that is sure to improve the experience of both drivers and travellers, the airport will be consistently at the disposal of the public at the service points, as well as through all AIA’s communication channels, which are already providing all the relevant useful information.

A full information package on “what changes” and “why” is available at AIA’s website: as well as in all AIA social media platforms.

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